Welcome to the resources page for the
Rudolph Keepsake Topper Class
Saturday 14th November

Below you will find the following documents you will need for the Rudolph class.

1. Prep Sheet: This details what you will need to have ready before we begin the class.
2. Weights & Shapes - Part 1: All the elements of the chair model are listed here.

3. Weights & Shapes - Part 2: All the elements of the Rudolph character are listed here.

The weights & shapes handouts are purely there to help you through the day -
or in case you would like to make the topper again by yourself.

The joining instructions have been emailed to you.
Please check you spam / junk folder if you have not received them.

Any problems, please drop me a message

See you soon x

Edibles List:

All the essential & non-essential edible items you need for creating this project.

The list now includes pink dust for the cheeks, if anyone wants to include it in their project - but not essential.

Equipment List:
Includes links to the equipment I used, including the embossing tool to get the pattern on the chair.)

Please check through this to make sure you have all the right equipment - or suitable alternative.

Downloading the Zoom app

You will probably find it easier to download the Zoom app before the class.

Then when you click the link to join, it will automatically open and admit you.

Please remember that you do not need to register for an account or pay any money to Zoom for using their software. The cost for usage is paid for by us.

For android devices: You will find the Zoom app in Google Play Store - or tap here 

For Apple devices: Visit the app store - or tap here

For PC & mac: You can download the desktop app from here.
(This link will open a new window to the download page on Zoom's website).


A few bit and pieces you will need to do before class starts.

Weights & Shapes - Part 1:


Weights & Shapes - Part 2:


Handouts: Rudolph Keepsake Topper

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