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What a Drip!

Drip cakes, I love 'em - they are one of the few cake trends that I am glad has stuck around.

This post is dedicated to my best friend. So a little background on him... He's a graphic designer - and an exceptional one. He is a stickler for all the details... of everything. He's also the strong, silent type and will hate me writing about him (soz hun).

When I started caking, I was bending his ear pretty much every day about one thing or another, (the poor man). We are both highly critical types (in a good way) - that's why we get along. If an idea survives after we've examined and critiqued it from every possible angle - the chances are, that it's a winner. :)

This is the cake I made for his birthday

Anyway - because of my constant ear-bending, he naturally ended up being exposed to lots of cake-related images. And being the analytical but highly creative type, that he is, he started to notice things... In particular, he noticed and got annoyed by, thick and lumpy drips on drip cakes... and I mean like really annoyed.

So for the sake of my bestie - and anyone else who struggling to achieve the perfect drip... here's a little recipe that may help you out.