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5 Really Useful Bits Of Cake Kit (That You Won't Find In A Cake Supplies Shop)

Sometimes the things you really need, are not always where you expect to find them...


The trouble is that being so in the moment when working on cake, meant that I was constantly putting something down and was then unable to find it when it was next required. "Not a very efficient way to work", I hear you say, and you are totally right.

I am a chaotic worker - I cannot deny it. However, I genuinely believe this is just part of my creative temperament - because being a messy cow, doesn't sound half as good. ;o)

So, in an effort to bring a little order to my (self-imposed) chaos - I got caddies - and I love them. Perfect for brushes, tools, dusts, edible pens - you name it, I have a caddy for it. I have them at all my classes, so students can access their tools easily and many of them have joined me in my caddy obsession. It such a small thing but makes a massive change to your workspace.

Again, there are loads of options out there depending on your requirements - but if you are trying to get organised, I can highly recommend these! Easy to grab at when you need something, portable and inexpensive. What more could you ask for?

What to search for: Beauty caddy, Craft storage, cosmetic organiser