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Sleepy Bee Cupcake Topper

There is nothing quite like the buzzing of the bees to let you know that summer has truly arrived! In this tutorial, learn how to make these adorable sleepy bee cupcake toppers. Perfect for any summer celebration. #SaveTheBees


Strip cutter or sharp knife and ruler

Rolling pin

Water / edible glue

Edible glue

Circle cutter approx 7cm

Circle cutter approx 1.5cm for eye whites

Circle cutter approx 2.5cm for eyelids

Circle cutter approx 0.7cm for cheeks

Small heart cutter for wings

Dresden tool


Modelling paste in the following colours: Black, white, pink, yellow & red.

2 x black sugar pearls 4mm (or use small balls of black paste)

Edible dusts: Yellow & orange


  • I used modelling paste for this project, as it sets up quicker. If you want to use sugarpaste, just give the toppers extra drying time or add a little CMC.

STEP 1: Prepare the Discs

A: Roll out some of the yellow paste approx 3-4mm thick and cut some strips approx 0.5cm wide using a strip cutter or sharp knife and ruler to cut. You will need 4 strips per topper.

B: Roll out some black paste 3-4mm thick.

PRO TIP: If you are making lots of these, create longer yellow strips and roll a larger piece of black paste, so you can cut 3-4 discs at a time.

STEP 2: Adding the Stripes

Brush the back of each yellow stripe with a thin line of water and attach to the black paste.

PRO TIP: Cut a few extra strips and use them as spacers, so the gaps are even.

STEP 3: Cutting the Discs

Use the 7cm cutter to cut cleanly through both pastes. Make sure you leave a little more black paste at the front of the topper, to make room for the face (as shown above).

PRO TIP: When cutting, press down firmly and evenly and avoid twisting the cutter too much. This will ensure a clean edge.

STEP 4: Making the eyes

A: Roll out a small amount of white paste approx 5-6mm thick and cut the eye whites using a 1.5cm circle cutter.

B: Press the sugar pearls to the middle of each eye white. Use a little water / glue if you need to.

C: Roll some of the yellow paste thinly and cut a circle using the 2.5cm cutter. Use a sharp knife to cut this in half. Brush the back of each semi-circle with a little water and position it, so the straight edge sits just above the black sugar pearl. Smooth the paste neatly around the side of the eye white to create the eyelid.

D: Roll 2 small pieces of black paste into thin sausages with a tapering point at each end.

Brush a tiny amount of water and attach just above the sugar pearl. Curl the outer most eyelash, so if flicks up.

STEP 5: Creating the Wings, Sting, Smile & Cheeks

A: Roll out a small amount of white paste approx 2mm thick.

Cut 2 shapes with the heart cutter and mark with a dresden tool to add texture.

Pinch at the pointed end with your thumb and index finger.

B: Roll a small ball of black and then roll with one finger on one side of the ball to create a point.

Use your finger to flatten the end that is still rounded.

C: Roll a tiny piece of red paste into a sausage and roll a point on either end. Bend into a smile.

D: Roll a tiny piece of pink paste very thinly and cut 2 circles with the 0.7cm cutter.

Set all the pieces aside to set up a little.

STEP 6: Attach the face

A: Brush the back of the pink dots with a little water and attach to the face near to the edge of the black disc.

B: Brush the back of the eyes and mouth with water and attach to the topper.

STEP 7: Add the Sting & Wings

A: Brush the flattened part of the sting with water and attach to the back underside of the disc.

B: Gently bend the point you created on the wings back on itself. Then brush with a little water (or edible glue if you paste has cooled a lot). Gently press the point down onto the topper so it flattens and sticks. If needed, support the wings with a little balls of dry modelling paste or paper towel, until they have set up and can hold their own weight.

STEP 8: And finally

A: Use a small paint brush to apply the dusts. I used Sugarflair Lemon Yellow and Sunset Orange.

B: Using the yellow, gently dust two-thirds of the eyelids starting at the inner corners. Then dust the stripes, starting at the outside edge, brush inwards (but not to the middle).

C: Using the orange, apply a small amount to the inner corners of each eyelid and on the extreme tip the stripes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions - please leave a shout in the comments box below.


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