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30 Jul 2020, 18:45
Online event

Cake Club Live

Essential Cake Techniques: Edible Lace

Thursday 30 July:



Session will include:

  • How to get started.

  • What equipment you need (and what you don't!)

  • Best brands and money saving tips.

  • Lace mats and how to use them correctly for flawless results.

  • Choosing the right lace mats to suit your cake design.

  • How to colour and add effects to your lace.

  • Lots of tips and tricks on how to incorporate edible lace into your cake & cupcake designs.

  • I’ll also be on hand to assist with any general cakey questions / cake design help. So have your questions ready.

  • Competition for this week will be to design a single cupcake topper - (theme to be revealed).

Please note: This Cake Club session will be demonstration only. So I recommend observing and taking notes on the techniques you would like to try, and then I can advise you on any equipment / materials you need to buy - or how you could utilise any bits and pieces you already have.

Please read:

  1. Cancellations: Please do not book a space unless you know you will be free to attend.
    We totally accept that emergencies happen - but repeated cancellations will result in you being asked not to book any further sessions.


  2. Fully Booked Sessions: If a session you wanted to attend becomes fully booked, please send a quick email with your name. Then, if there are any cancellations, we can contact you quickly. For very popular sessions, we may be able to schedule a repeat - so make sure you let us know!

  3. Be Kind: Anyone being disruptive, rude or offensive to others will be removed from the group.

  4. Please respect the privacy of other Cake Club members by not recording these sessions: Photography is permitted but any type of recording is strictly prohibited. If we suspect you are recording Cake Club Sessions, you will be removed from the group immediately and without notice.

  5. Demo Sessions: Equipment / materials lists will not be provided for Demonstration Only sessions.

Welcome to Cake Club!
A free, fun hobby caker's community, brought to you by Cake No Mistake :)

I've provided as much info below as I can think of. Please have a read through of everything before registering. If you have any questions - you can email me here

This Cake Club session will focus on one of the best inventions of this century (if you're a caker)...


Edible Lace! No longer a skill just for the wedding cake makers; edible lace is a must-have technique to have in your cake armoury to add some serious wow-factor to your celebration creations!

There is so much more to edible lace that simply wrapping a strip of it around a cake tier, (sadly, this is what people seems to do the most).

So join me on Thursday 30 July for (pre birthday drinkies - yay!) and some tips on how to get seriously creative with this brilliant cakey invention!

Look forward to seeing you all.

Lisa x

Downloading the Zoom app

You will probably find it easier to download the Zoom app before the class. Then when you click the link to join, it will automatically open and admit you.

Please remember that you do not need to register for an account or pay any money to Zoom for using their software. The cost for usage is paid for by us.

For android devices: You will find the Zoom app in Google Play Store - or tap here 

For Apple devices: Visit the app store - or tap here

For PC & mac: You can download the desktop app from here.
(This link will open a new window to the download page on Zoom's website).

When you join the class your video and sound will be turned off. Use the buttons on the control panel to unmute your microphone and turn on the video so we can see and hear you.

If you are nervous about using Zoom - I will be on the call from 6.30pm, so you can have a practice with me before the session starts at 6.45pm.

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